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Our Philosophy

We have built our model around appropriate solutions for clients/brands at various life stages. This is not just about creating a 30 seconds TVC or helping the clients “spend” their marketing money.

When we apply our “True Vertexing” thinking on brands, we will produce different solutions suitable to different brands in different life stages. It could well be an established brand or a brand which has already traversed some distance or a brand that needs to go digital from a business diversification perspective, or even an entreprising client with a ready product and market but no marketing resources.

So what does the unagency do? Clearly, funds are the solution for one among the set of clients, an ecommerce ecosystem will be for the another and incredible storytelling, optimal content development and deployment, usage of data and technology will be the solutions for some others. The unagency understands all that and will act accordingly.

We are also building many products for the very first time, moving the business away from a pure service. One such is a digital platform that aggregates storytellers and tech producers for brands to pick and choose from a variety of options, most curated and created by real consumers. Watch this space for more!

Now you may ask, shouldn’t the unagency also have evaluation mechanisms which are different from the transactional Share of Voice (SoV) and Share of Expenditure (SoE). Yes, indeed the unagency will stay focused in measuring a very different SoV and SoE, Share of Vision (Brand to Consumers) and Share of Empathy (Consumers to Brands).

Now that it has become much more clearer and interesting, you would perhaps be thinking about entrusting us with your brand, so don’t hesitate, move to our “Contact us” section and leave your details behind or shoot us a mail. We will get back to you in a jiffy