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Greetings of the hour !

We are triggerbridge, the unagency and we build bridges of relevance between us and our clients and our clients and their consumers. That’s very simple. But is it really that simple?

We believe the advertising agency model as it is practiced today will cease to exist in the foreseeable future. Global alignments, exclusive agency status will all fall by the way side. Clients will look for smarter brand solutions for making enduring and meaningful connections with their consumers and not super specialized silo solutions. Media owners will be engaged with, directly by clients and the focus on computer algorithm driven efficiency parameters will also disappear.

Now, is that starting to sound interesting? Go for it. Just stay invested in us for few more minutes. You never know, it could be the beginning of a life long relationship. So, read on!

At triggerbridge, we will be focused on building clear navigation and sharp anticipatory skills to help brands negotiate the ever changing landscape, seamlessly.

Our endeavour is to future proof a model that will be the need of the hour, now and then by clients, disrupting the age old “Advertising” we call it “True Vertexing”.

True Vertexing is hand holding the brands in the journey to the highest peaks through true contributions by team triggerbridge and through true expressions by the brands. Let’s talk more about it in “Our Philosophy” section. Hang in there. It will get much more interesting